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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Re-reading books and magazines

I found a magazine when I was cleaning up yesterday on "how to stop procrastinating".  I know I read this article when the magazine first came in the house but thanks to some short term memory issues I can read it again since I don't recall a bit of it.  I spend alot of money at the my local bookstore... maybe this will save me some bucks since I can just reread the books!   In a week,  I go to a new PT/OT/speech therapist to get tested for my memory, movement and speech. I imagine she will find other things to work on, too.


  1. I reread books quite often. Sometimes I remember them and enjoy them anyway (a la kids' bedtime stories), sometimes I don't remember them and it's like a new book :-)

    There's a reason amazon tells it customers before it lets them complete a purchase if they've already bought a book :-)

  2. I had no idea Amazon did that! What a great service.