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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brain Attack

There was a radiolab show titled When Brains Attack on the NPR station last night.  I felt for sure they would have a stroke story on there and listened... but no. They were brain attacks from everything but strokes... a bad side effect from a prescription drug, a car accident brain damage and a seizure from a tumor. When the medical profession decided to work the "brain attack" into the stroke lexicon, so the public would be more aware of the urgency then shouldn't the media carry this torch onward? It would have been very easy to add a stroke story to that line up... I know I have read a few of your stories that would be great on a radio program!
Link to the RadioLab program here...


  1. I am still shocked at how little attention is paid to Stroke and even less to recovery. Considering the number of families affected there should be much greater awareness.

  2. Wow - seems like a no-brainer (ha-ha)! I was reading somewhere how there's been a push to rename stroke "brain attack" so that more people will understand what and how serious it is.

  3. Linda: Yup, I agree. I think it will be more in the news since there is an increase (unfortunately) in younger people having strokes. I would like there to be more news NOW. Thank goodness everyone blogs nowadays--otherwise I would have felt terribly alone.
    Marcelle: The more education the better!