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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Head Injury Club

Picture: Rose and Wilder laughing at the ice cream store.
My kids went to a coop preschool and a community driven public elementary school when we lived in Seattle. Yesterday we stopped in and visited their old grade school...Rose had not been there in six years, Wilder in four. They had a blast, saw all their old teachers and got hugs, and told stories. I was in the office with the Principal John and the wonderful office gals when it came out that the principal had a vessel burst in his brain last fall. We fell into that talk of doctors and PT and health. He did not have a stroke, but his recovery was similar since the burst blood vessel was in the same area. I told him it was nice to see someone who had a major brain trauma still out in the world (and running the school), that we tend to become invisible after a trauma such as this. We talked of slurred speech and dizziness when tired. After a bit John looked at me and said "Welcome to the club."

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  1. Quite the club huh? We need all the role models of people having a good recovery that we can get. The kids look like they are having a great time.