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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To the doctor

I am going to start adding pictures to my posts --- that are totally unrelated to the topic. This is Amanda.

It is time for my monthly visit to the neurologist. My doctor is a sparky dark-haired man with a warm straight-forward temperament. He lectures me (strongly tells me) not to mess with my medicines and listens for as long as it takes to figure out what I need and asks for clarity and specifics when I descibe symptoms. No matter how many people are in the waiting room or how long over my appointment time we go. Phone calls come in during our appointment, but he always apologizes before and after taking them. He usually runs late, and he apologizes for that, too.
A doctor that has the knowledge without the attendant arrogance. Being a NW gal, I have never been fond of educational arrogance so I am lucky my doc does not embrace that. So is he for that matter. (Last week I went to the tumor neurologist. He looked at my MRI and said... well, I can't tell anything from this come back in December. So I guess I will be going back in December.)
My vision seems to be getting worse, bouts with dizziness sporadic, my ability to resist sugar non-existent. I am back on glorious glorious caffeine daily and we have joined the YMCA so I am exercising. I give him updates and he talks to me. I am still not satisfied with the unknown diagnosis of the cause of my stroke, but realize in our tightly-controlled insurance-driven medical field it will not be answered.
On the bright side... my decision whether to take hormone replacement therapy or not has been made for me, I am no longer eligible due to the stroke. So I need to put no energy in that decision!


  1. Amanda is beautiful.

    What did he say about your vision? Is it time (maybe you have already) to see an excellent ophthalmologist? They can do stuff about, for example, double vision with special glasses.

    1. Boy, I am so slow in responding, sorry! I have just a regular eye doctor, I suppose I need to see a specialist for that now, too.
      Amanda is quite the character, but barks alot.