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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coping Strategies - Stroke

It should be noted I felt I was swimming without arms when I first had the stroke. I was given some geriatric pamphlets about Living With A Stroke. Absolutely not helpful. I called my regular doctor for advice (and honestly in tears and traumatized) and what I remember of that conversation was not necessarily good. I came away with "The beginning of the end" from it. (I should note I am sure she did not specifically say those things, but my ability to hear what she was saying was colored....)
What she did do was get me in to a leading neurologist in Seattle who saw me, switched my medicines that the hospital had given me, corrected the misdiagnosed stroke (the type) and told me I would be almost back to normal in three months.
I got books: Ones with people who survive strokes. And funny books. To keep the levity. Watched alot of
Stress Relief: meditation and therapy. Friends and family.

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