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Friday, September 7, 2012


I have a new doctor.  And am really missing my old doc, who knew everything about me, and basically knew me.  My new doc and I don't know each other so we have that dance of how to talk to one another for maximum comprehension and clarity.  I think she is too quick to send me off for in-house testing of every ailment. We have to work on the trust... that I trust that she is not making her hospital money every which way and she has to trust I am an involved patient and know my body. Kinda. As well as I can know a dumb body that throws strokes and tumors at me seemingly at random. Sorry, I am in a mood.
She does not know I do not like focusing/talking about my medical ailments, and I sometimes forget all the things going on.  So if I am in her office, even though I may be calm, it is usually serious. 

But she at least does what I want within reason, if it sounds reasonable.
I had another bad reaction to something.  She thought I was having a gall bladder attack.  I think it is the damn statins.  She may be right, but I am switching drugs first... just in case.

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  1. Sorry you are having bad reactions.- gall bladder or statins!

    I might suggest that some doctors do a lot better with a visual, like a written out list of questions that you are able to show her. That helps with clarity too and if you hang onto your lists (date it) it gives you a bit of a memory record. After all your doc needs to write things in your file to remember what you discussed or were prescribed.
    Pointing to the body part that hurts is good too.

    I worked as a teaching assistant with medical students for 12 years, and overall they are a group that are very orientated toward written material.