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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gall Bladder

Met the surgeon yesterday who talked with me of surgery options.  I have one stone that is about ten years old, and all the rest are new little guys.  Diet change, estrogen, and the statins are to blame.  After the stroke when I went cold turkey on so many foods --- no deep fried, no oils, no butter, no beef or pork, no sugar.  Since then my diet has gotten more realistic... I have added cookies and pies back in.. but alot of foods I just no longer eat.  WELL, looks like that and bein' a girl have lined me up for a whole bunch of baby gallstones.  Doc said all the new ones were formed in the last nine months (about when I had my first attack. )  The big old one I remember having in a rental property we had when my husband and I were separating.  I blamed it on food poisoning.  It was a gallstone.
The surgery is laparoscopic, I walk out of the hospital the same day, with about a week recovery.  Doc says we don't need the gall bladder, I won't notice anything other than I won't be getting sick any longer.  Such a perk. 
(Karen Anne, this is not the posting I was referring to, still writing that one!)

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