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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Physical Therapy - again

Went to a new physical therapist yesterday.  As part of my wrapping up medical things while they are fully paid for before the divorce... I went to this PT for getting my lesser muscles back online.  I notice my muscle mass is decidedly different on the left side of my body. After the ever-fun assessment it was decided, yes, my left leg and torso have lost strength.  He gives me such simple exercises.  Ridiculously easy and slow and they don't take much time.  And, after, I feel like I have run a marathon and swam the English channel AND climbed Mt. Rainier.  My body has been slacking big time.  (Really, I wonder why.)  Once I get over the shock that I have no strength (what is getting me up in the morning? because it is obviously not muscles) I do my exercises and freak out my body.  Connections. All about those connections.  Thank god I am such a stubborn person. 


  1. Good to see you back online. I know what you mean about the assessment and being stubborn. I'm right there with you.

  2. Kudos for being stubborn! It's the characteristic I love best in myself. Some people think it's a bad trait, but THEY haven't had a stroke.

    And, yes, my left side is weak and atrophied, but my right side tries very hard to make up for it, which has caused my knee troubles.

  3. I swear I have tried to add comments about three times. Let's see if it will go this time!! J.L. and Barb: Glad we are all in the stubborn club. It truly helped post-stroke. I remember practically crawling out to the garage to paint a storage unit for the bathroom a week post-stroke. The family was freaking out, I was : let me go. I need to fight for my life, or fight for normalcy. That cupboard is painted and standing in my bathroom now. I started painting it 5-10 minutes at a time. Whatever I could handle. Took about a month.
    So, stubborn is good for us, yes?
    J.L. I have been posting on my other blog, hence the lack of news on here.

  4. Stubbornness should be one of the traits evaluated by your doctor to determine your recovery prospects. It goes with the idea that difficult cancer patients live longer. 'Bad patients' live longer. I'm a bad patient, I can barely stand myself sometimes.

    1. After watching what you write... I think you have to be (!) to navigate all the crap. Sometimes I get tired of challenging and I take a break. Then I go for another round of questioning what the doctors are telling me.
      Have you noticed they don't like it? Well, when they have a stroke and are told some of the things I have heard... I wish to know how they deal with it then. I bet they would not just roll over.