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Monday, February 18, 2013

Never Silent

My house is in a very quiet location.  There were many things more pressing and needing attention post-stroke, but one of the most insidious that nothing can be done about is the ringing in my head.  I know I am not hearing the sound actually, that something is damaged in my auditory area or processing area so I think I am hearing this incessant whining, buzzing, ringing tinnitus.  I used to love the silence of my home. But now when I am still, with no movement so nothing stroke related is apparent...I have a really loud reminder that something is amiss in brainland.  I am getting hard of hearing because I think everything has to go through and above that noise before it is heard.  (Or, alternatively, I could be hard of hearing because I listened to loud music over headphones in my youthful days....)
But the ringing is pure a stroke side-effect. Blah to you, stroke, for taking away silence.


  1. I've had that since I was in my twenties. I also "mourn" what actual quiet is like. I am not actually sure I can even imagine it accurately.

    How loud is yours? I don't know if modern day televisions still do this (I ecycled mine by choice, so I can't test it), but years ago if you turned the sound off on a tv, you could still hear this high pitched odd kind of noise. That's what my tinnitus is usually like, plus from time to time to add variety, it adds in an insect buzzing noise.

    The good thing is that after enough time living with it, I can tune it out unless I think about it.

    Have you had your thyroid levels checked? When I went hyperthyroid last year it really ramped up the tinnitus, and took a good six months to quiet down after the thyroid was back to normal. Also cold weather will ramp mine up, so I always wear something over my ears outside in winter.

    Aspirin is another culprit as are various other meds. A polio booster once increased it for two weeks.

    1. Sometimes I think I cannot hear things as well because of the overriding buzz I have in my head. So when I notice it, it is loud! I believe they have checked my thyroid recently, I will confirm. They are always checking things, I lose track!
      I was wondering what the meds do for the ringing, if they add to it.